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If you're an innovator you should be getting government cash back for all that hard work. Some people call it R&D tax relief, we just call it "cash for innovation". You pay tax, national insurance, business rates, bank charges, blah blah. Well now . . .

It's payback time

I can get cash back? Really?

Cash for Innovators

At last, the government have come up with a scheme to reward hardworking business owners like you. The trouble is, they call it R&D tax credits (dull), we simply call it "cash for innovation" (exciting).

The deal is pretty simple; there's cash on offer for business owners who develop new stuff - software, products, processes. Whether in profit or loss you can still get cash payments. Take the test NOW to see if you qualify.

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How much could I get?


  • WHAT IF your business suddenly got the average pay out of £61,514 in cash?
  • WHAT IF someone else did all the work for you to get this R&D government money?
  • WHAT IF you didn’t have to pay anything up front and the fee was contingent on receiving the money in your account?
  • WHAT IF you found a team that has completed over 1,000 of these R&D applications with a 100% success rate getting back £40million for their clients; a team that gets great client feedback and is highly respected by HMRC?
  • Even better, WHAT IF you used a company that is a registered social enterprise, so you know that the fee you pay goes towards social good?
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Too good to be true?

“ Pedal powered coffee making, stalking Lady GaGa, vegan cosmetics, finding anyone on the planet, driver behaviour, the bond market, data mining . . . ”

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