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Friday, March 8, 2019

A clean bill of health

Innovation is vital for Davids who want to take on the Goliaths of their industry

To remain in good health, it’s really important to consume a nourishing, balanced diet. But when the body isn’t in good health – due to medical conditions such as disease, injury or stress – food alone can’t always support your body in the right way. 

That’s where medical nutrition products come in. As part of the £9billion UK pharmaceutical industry, these products are seeing increased demand as a means of complimenting drug therapies. But there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to medical nutrition, as different illnesses and treatment regimes require many different balances of nutritional supplementation.

One UK company decided to go up against major established brands in order to develop solutions that could improve patient outcomes. To stand any chance of success, they had to develop a cost-effective way of formulating, testing and packaging products that would be effective and also meet the required industry standards and regulations. 

Clearly, this was no small challenge, so creativity and innovation played a huge role in the company’s approach. Keeping costs down was crucial, from design through to developing product-specific packaging that would prevent deterioration.

Their R&D team had to first create a base nutrient formulation of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that could be further developed into condition-specific products. Once they had successfully created a powder-based feed, the team then looked at developing liquid, drinkable feeds and also nutritionally complete products.

 As a result of their hard work and ingenuity, the company has now developed a range of clinical nutrition products for adults, paediatric, medical condition and age-specific use that are available around the world.

Are you working on an innovative product that could improve healthcare provision? Let us know your story – we may be able to help you claim R&D tax credits, or ‘cash for innovation’.

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