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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Likely Story

Just a year ago Leicester City were bottom of the Premier League. This week they took the title home.

Those are some huge odds to overcome! So massive in fact, it made all bets placed at them winning 5000/1 the longest odds ever gambled on in history. 

It’s always a surprise when such great feats are achieved, but it’s not something we’re unused to hearing here. Humans are incredibly determined & resourceful when they want to be and there’s always someone willing to ignore the naysayers, and fight to solve problems and achieve implausible goals even with the odds against them.

Take Marie Curie, who in a time when women were very rarely even allowed to be educated, discovered plutonium, coined the term radioactive and kickstarted what would essentially become modern radiation and x-ray.

Then there was penniless Thomas Edison, who after being fired from his job for causing an acid leak on his boss’ desk went on to invent the phonograph, an incandescent light bulb and a movie camera. Who’d have thought that clumsy oaf would ever amount to anything, eh?

Fly forward a few decades and NASA are faced with a never before seen mission that’s so complex and to be completed in such a short space of time that the Mars Rover was looking unlikely to be successful. But the Engineers tinkered away behind the scenes, still writing & uploading software even after launch and- would you believe it- managed to land not one, but two Rovers on that angry red planet.

And, now today, who’d even considered that we’d have created real hover bikes flying about, jet injectors for the trypanophobic, holograms with the potential for touch and all whilst sending style icons down the red carpet in glamourous garments made from plastic bottles? 50 years ago you’d have called us all crazy dreamers, but here we are, looking ever so pleased with ourselves.

We love those positive thinkers who aren’t intimidated by the giant ahead of them, but instead see it as an obstacle to be tackled with ingenuity and a touch of underdog hope of making history. If you’re facing up to a big beast & winning, let us know about it on 0800 772 0800.

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