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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Accidental Hero

How many mistakes are you secretly proud of?

How many mistakes are you secretly proud of?

A chemist, an engineer and post-doctoral research associate go into a lab…no, it’s not the start of a bad joke, it’s actually the beginning of a possible solution to water shortages.

These three accidental heroes have made carbon rich nanorods which suck moisture out of the air and then expel it later. The possibilities for this product are endless; water purification systems, anti-sweat fabric and low energy water harvesting in arid climates.

It’s not often that when things go wrong, they actually go right. Well, not for me. When it comes to developing new technologies and making advances, it definitely helps to be flexible with what your idea of success is. It may not have been what you set out to achieve, but you never know what you may discover.

Just look at all of these things that were created by accident:


Initially intended to be a meter to monitor power on naval ships, where would we be without this childhood hero?


Discovered on a contaminated petri dish destined for the bin. Where would we be without this wonder drug?


Something that brings so much joy was created out of temper at a fussy customer who had repeatedly returned his potatoes.


Hypothermia research which ended up being heart savers.


From discovering his chocolate bar had melted in his pocket did the microwave oven come into existence

Inkjet printers

A hot iron left resting on a pen made our first inkjet printers possible.

So, if you’re a potential accidental hero, don’t throw away those failed experiments yet- they might not be failures after all. They just could be the next thing we need in this haphazard world we live in.

If you’ve got an invention born out of bumbling, give us a call on 0800 772 0800- you never know it might save the world.

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