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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Another great Breakthrough

Time to pick up your copy of our innovation-focused magazine

You can’t beat that new magazine smell, can you? Or the feel of those crisp pages between your fingers as you launch into a much-anticipated new issue? 

Well, we certainly think so, but whether you opt for a glossy print copy or the convenience of our digital edition, there’s so much more to Breakthrough Magazine. In our sixth issue, we take a look at another batch of incredible UK innovators who are pushing the boundaries of the manufacturing and engineering industries.

If variety is the spice of life, this issue is a positive vindaloo of a magazine. We meet an incredibly diverse selection of entrepreneurs, inventors and innovative thinkers from many different sectors. From the scientific brains behind a high-tech cell separation technique, to the woman who is bursting the bubble of chewing gum littering with her recycling drive – you’ll find plenty of inspiration about people who are changing our world with their ambition and creativity.

Case studies also include: the company that is taking the prevention of Noise Induced Hearing Loss to a new level; the plasterboard alternative that could put affordable housing within everyone’s reach; the fuel enhancement technology tackling the side effects of burning diesel and the pedal power initiative that’s combining fruit, fitness and fun.

We also chat to Mandy Haberman, the woman behind the phenomenally successful AnywayupÒ cup and other baby and child feeders. She tells us about the opportunities and challenges of product development, along with the pitfalls of negotiating the intellectual property minefield.

Other stories include innovations in the construction industry, magnetic fuel conditioning, commercial energy management, home heating and ventilation, business coaching and more.

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