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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Broaden Your Boardroom

You remember 90s pop band Space and their hit Female of the Species, right? No? Well, the lyrics went “the female of the species are more techy than the male”

If they weren’t, they definitely should be. Accenture did a study and it turns out that's the truth.

The few lady members of corporate boards are much more likely to have tech based backgrounds than the men they are outnumbered by. Twice as likely in fact. They did the numbers. So if you want tech experience, don’t ask for Dick, call Sally.

No, we're not talking about people who had a summer job in Maplins, the study defined professional technology experience as “either holding a key tech position at a previous employer—such as CTO or CIO—or having senior-level responsibility at a technology firm." 

This wasn’t a small study either, Accenture did their research (I mean, that is their job, but still), and looked at over 500 ForbesGlobal 2000 companies spanning 39 countries in four separate continents. Phew. It turns out only 9% of men on these companies’ boards have any digital experience, but women are representing the digital sector by coming in at 16%. This trend was qualified in 7 out of 10 countries studied. In the UK we’re doing pretty badly, with literally half the percentage of men to women having any tech experience. Half.

Gentleman of the board, I think it’s time you upped your game.

Even within tech companies the women of the board are still leaving the men lagging behind with 51% turning out with bonafide tech based work experience vs 37% of male directors that are tech literate.

So, can we now please stop all of this nonsense about the reason there are less women on boards is due to a lack of qualifications? Tech is relevant to pretty much all industries, and the men running the show clearly aren’t pulling their weight. In fact Catalyst have done research which shows that companies with a higher representation of women up top tend to have better financial performance compared to those with the least number of ladies on the board. When you look at the facts, it becomes harder and harder to justify not supporting or promoting your techy women, doesn't it?

Ladies, we know you’re out there and we know you’re damn good at your jobs, and now we have the numbers to prove it. I would love to meet you, talk about you and show off your innovative, groundbreaking technological advances, so please do call me on 0800 772 0800. Let’s show the men who’s really big in the game.

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