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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Beepings

STEM toys will be appearing in a lot of stockings this year as a little robot tops the festive chart

Another year, another set of toy fads. For Christmas 2018, devoted parents may find themselves queuing up to buy a unicorn that excretes glittery droppings or fighting to get their hands on the last Hogwarts Express LEGO set.

But for those who would like to see their children playing with something techy on Christmas morning, there’s good news. Major players in the toy retail world, including Hamleys and Amazon, have predicted that a robot toy called Boxer will be at the top of Santa’s list this year.

Priced at £80, this is no throwaway stocking filler, but retailers believe that lots of parents will be making the investment. Marketed as a fun little chap who displays emotions and a personality, Boxer comes with an interactive football so it can enjoy a kickabout with your youngsters. Scannable activity cards enable Boxer to play a variety of games and more are available via the free app.

The robot has multiple IR sensors and responds to hand movements so, although it doesn’t have the hands-on programming features of other toys, let’s hope Boxer will help to inspire the next generation to investigate AI, machine learning and all things STEM.

You could do your bit for the future of UK innovation by slipping a few science and technology-related toys under the tree. Perhaps you could even programme a robot to help you clean up after Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise…

Are you working on a toy or educational game to get children into STEM? Get in touch and let us know on 0800 772 0800 – our elves might even be able to help you claim R&D tax credits for your hard work.

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