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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Disaster averted

The story of the innovative emergency management solution that helps businesses stay calm in a crisis

In recent years, businesses have started to face more stringent legislation and greater challenges concerning disaster management.

From the Civil Contingencies Act (2004), which requires UK businesses to have continuity planning measures in place for during and after critical incidents, to the growing threat of terrorist activity all around the world – companies must plan for the worst-case scenario if they want to survive and thrive.

As a leading consultancy service for business continuity and fire safety management in tall buildings, one UK company decided to embark on a lengthy project to develop an innovative crisis management system and tool kit.

The challenges facing the team were multiple, with no guarantee of finding a commercially viable solution. The team would need to design a system that complied with the latest legislation, could simply and effectively manage a variety of incidents in a wide range of buildings and would continue to operate under disaster conditions.

In addition, the solution must be easy to store for long periods without maintenance, reusable and adaptable for use globally.

As with so many research and development processes, it was unclear as to how many of these obstacles could actually be overcome. The developers also needed to work out how to create an information matrix, followed by a decision matrix, and a means of displaying succinct information to the crisis management team and recording their decisions.

After an intense period of research, development, prototyping and testing, the company has successfully addressed some of these issues and is continuing to work on developing a comprehensive solution to make us all safer.

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