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Friday, January 22, 2016

Don't Be Breakfast Weak

We’ve all heard someone (probably your mum) say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but did you know that the 24th – 30th January this year is Breakfast Week?

That’s 7 ‘most important meal of the day’ days in a row! We should do something with all of that morning munching enthusiasm.

Breakfast Week happens every year and its purpose is to celebrate all of the marvellous breakfast produce on offer in the UK. They even have an award for most innovative breakfast and this year’s winner is a full English in a brioche bun, so you can eat your fry up on the go. Marvellous! Who doesn’t want to lovingly take their fry up out with them? Although you could end up with egg on your face, jacket, shoes, car, fellow commuters…

All of this talk of breakfast made me really rather hungry think about the evolution of the full English. Is sticking it in a brioche as far as we’ve come?

Ask anyone what the best breakfast in the world is and they will say a Full English -if they don’t they’ve obviously misheard the question- but where did this magical meal come from?

Legend has it that we have those wonderfully aggressive innovators the Victorians to thank for what we call a full English today. Gosh! What didn't the Victorians invent?! The full English started life as indulgent displays of regional meats and curing methods for gentry who would invite their friends round and leisurely chomp through a morning feast before a hard day of hunting and socialising.

But! If we perfected all of the ingredients that make up this holy cuisine back in the 1800s, can we not do something perhaps a bit more ingenious than putting it all in a big hollow bun? Not that it doesn’t sound delicious and I’m definitely coveting one right now, but I challenge any food innovators out there to get us all excited about breakfast again; this time perhaps for reasons other than pure greed.

We're always looking for innovators that we can help to access funding and whether you have a new improved breakfast idea, gadget, product or new curing method that might get me out of bed a bit sprightlier each morning- let’s make breakfast together.

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