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Friday, July 5, 2019

Education, education, education

The UK Government pitches in to help edtech work for children all over the world

Children in developing countries stand to benefit from technology in the classroom, as £20 million of UK aid is pledged to the EdTech Hub.

The hub is bringing together British universities, research companies and education experts to help children, teachers and governments take full advantage of the new technologies available.

The World Bank and Department for International Trade (DFID) are also working on the Edtech Hub, which will run for eight years, with a view to creating the world’s largest body of research on how edtech is used and how it could be improved.

More than 380 million children around the world will finish primary school without basic reading or maths skills. But research has shown that a maths app developed by tech company Onebillion, with UK aid funds, improved children’s attainment by 45% for maths and 100% for reading.

Aims of the hub include providing evidence and research to help develop new learning tech and digital tools, offering technical help to international governments and building a global platform for technology companies, investors and decision makers to share ideas. 

“Educational technology can transform how children learn, but in many developing countries it is often only available in the wrong language or schools do not have the right tools to keep their software in working order,” said Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin. “For the first time there will be a substantial amount of practical research available to help teachers and governments around the world choose the right technology for their classrooms.”

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