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Monday, September 17, 2018

Enter a new reality


VR is proving a big hit in the manufacturing industry, but AR appears to have the edge

Many manufacturing, automotive and utilities companies believe that AR and VR will become mainstream technologies in their sectors by 2021, according to a recent study.

The Capgemini Research Institute surveyed 700 executives across those industries to see whether virtual reality and augmented reality technologies were perceived as making an impact. Of the companies that were already implementing AR or VR in their operations, 82% said that the benefits were meeting or exceeding their expectations. Nearly half believed that these innovations would be commonplace in the industry within three years.

Even for those businesses that are not yet using the tech in any way, it’s clearly an attractive prospect, with 50% saying they would start looking at immersive technologies by 2021.

Many organisations perceived AR as more beneficial than VR, primarily because it can enhance productivity, provide access to digital reference materials and allow users to source real-time help from experts. While often easier to set up, VR is generally viewed as more useful for training purposes, although VR has also been shown to contribute to the development of more efficient production processes.

This will be encouraging for companies who are developing VR and AR solutions for use in manufacturing and engineering environments. But it’s not all good news – a lack of in-house skills is among the barriers that are preventing businesses from fully embracing the potential.

Also, while over 50% of companies surveyed in the US and China were already implementing AR and VR for business operations, more than half of those based in the UK, France, Germany and the Nordics were still only at the experimentation stage.

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