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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Flex appeal

Technology is turning flexible working arrangements into a strong workplace trend

Come on now, be honest – how many of you have grumbled about finding it hard to disconnect from work after you leave the office?

Whether it’s the company mobile phone you have to carry or an expectation to monitor emails even when you’re on holiday, there are certainly some downsides to modern work practices. It seems that most people are finding it harder to leave work behind on a Friday evening and the main culprit is definitely a greater ease of communication.

When you hear your work phone ping at 8pm on a Sunday, it’s easy to get nostalgic for the old days when ‘out of the office’ meant just that. If an employee went on holiday to the Outer Hebrides for two weeks, they were literally out of reach and would remain blissfully unaware of the office meltdown until they returned.

However, if technology has somewhat diluted the clear water between our personal and professional lives, for many people it’s also facilitated a greater work/life balance. Okay, so you may feel obliged to be contactable at all times, but that also means you can spend less time in your workplace and more time working remotely, at home or out in the field.

The relentless pace of technological change has released us from our desk-bound shackles, as a recent YouGov survey has shown. Only 6% of UK workers are still putting in the old 9am to 5pm hours and the call for more employees to enjoy flexible working arrangements is getting louder. 

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