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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Flying start

Drones could swoop in to deliver a morning boost without even being asked

If you don’t need caffeine to get your brain started in the mornings, well done. However, if you’re among us mere mortals who can’t get out of bed without a shot of strong coffee, the latest drone news is sure to perk you up.

IBM has patented ideas for a coffee-delivering drone that would bring the hot stuff on demand, even without you actually demanding it. The paperwork outlined a number of different versions of this futuristic waiter, one of which would use data from wearable tech such as a Fitbit to monitor things like a user’s sleep pattern, blood pressure and pupil dilation. When the drone detected that the customer was starting to flag, voila – it would appear like a flying knight in shining armour, coffee pot in hand.

Of course, we may never actually see this breakfast beacon of hope in our skies. It’s not unheard of for tech companies to patent concepts that they don’t really intend to produce. For a start, where would the drones hang about while waiting for the subconscious call for coffee?

To some critics, the biggest concern is the really quite obvious safety issue. Drones buzzing about carrying vats of hot liquid? In an increasingly litigious society, this could surely only end in tears and endless law suits about unexpected burns from above.

It’s a nice idea, though. For as long as there have been inventors, they have sought to make daily life easier, as well as safer and more efficient. Funnily enough, the domestic servant robot is an early idea that has yet to really take off. So for now, we still have to serve our own breakfast in bed until the tech world gets its act together…

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