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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to disrupt an industry

If you want to really improve something from top to bottom, it's often better and quicker to start from the ground up. But too many business owners aren't brave enough to do this.

Clearing out the debris and the cobwebs and looking at everything with fresh eyes, would be ideal but the thought of dismantling all the pieces well...

This gives a huge advantage to a start-up. The founder can design their processes, their brand, their service and their systems with complete freedom and with the utmost efficiency.

To build new business success therefore, means shaking things up a bit. Start by studying the current players in the market. Look at their inefficiencies; the areas of resource intensiveness, the slowness of response, processes that are not customer-centric, the integrity of brand communications. Then break every element down completely so you can start from scratch and put it back together in an entirely new way.

There are so many sectors that are being disrupted by innovative start-ups, with the application of new technology a particularly useful weapon... but there are even more waiting to be disrupted.

If you're a start-up, be inventive and groundbreaking. If you're not a start-up, beware. Disruptive competition is almost certainly around the corner.


Sue Nelson

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