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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I'll drink to that!

Determined to stand out in the competitive food and drink industry, this distributor didn’t bottle out of the challenge

In the UK alone, the food and beverage market is worth £28.2billion to the economy and accounts for 17% of all the country’s manufacturing. So, it’s no surprise that some businesses see innovation as a way to rise above a crowded market. 

Having identified failings in their current technological solutions, one drinks distributor set out to create a bespoke system that would solve all their problems. They had been using standalone software products to run their core business functions, but a lack of communication and integration between platforms was causing a number of issues.

From pricing and product order errors, to an inefficient route-planning and customer communication system for their delivery drivers, the shortcomings became unacceptable. So, the company decided to develop an end to end, mobile optimised enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could integrate a range of functions, such as customer relationship management, accounting, stock management, analytics and reporting and remote worker management.

To say this project would be a challenge was an understatement. The final solution had to work across a range of devices and communicate well between mobile devices and desktop infrastructure; it had to be easy and straightforward for employees to use, and it had to be commercially viable.

Rather than designing a new system from scratch, the company developed their existing ERP system and integrated it with other core business functions. With no specific code and code language available, they had to undergo a lot of trial and error and develop bespoke code to achieve the desired outcome. 

As a result of this significant research and development project, the company have successfully developed a bespoke, end to end, mobile optimised ERP system and are continuing to work on improving functionality.

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