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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Internet of WTF

What happens when all of your belongings are set to become smarter than you?

You may have heard of the Internet of Things, which is basically the connecting of all regular, everyday objects to the world wide web.

Reasons for doing this can range from making things more user friendly, automating equipment we would usually have to manually operate (who has time to flick a switch these days?), connecting us to things external to our immediate environment and, reversely, bringing us more involvement with our surroundings by shutting us off from internet exposure overload.

Current creators seem to be loving upgrading everything from plants to jewellery, to home utilities and even shoes. There’s not much that can’t be updated with a microchip or two.

But it seems that us Brits are being a bit reluctant in keeping up with the Jonses, and are sticking with more traditional equipment until it’s been irrefutably proven that there is real value in having lights that turn themselves on and off when you’ve got a solid internet connection, or brogues that tell us when were in company to help us socialise better with our family, before indulging and updating our homes with all of the latest inanimate objects being given license to try and think for themselves.

Perhaps it’s not surprising we’re waiting it out a bit before splurging on all the latest tech when a recent power outage in America locked people out of their smart homes until the issue was resolved. No one wants to be stuck outside in the cold, wet British summer just because their front door can’t connect to the router. Perhaps we’d be less reluctant if we lived on the Med?

It’s not that we’re against advancement here, it’s just that we really need to see a genuine improvement to our daily lives, an actual advancement in science or some real, measurable worth in levelling up all of our furniture & clothing before committing to it as a way of life.

That’s what we’re looking for really, not just creation because you can, but creating to solve a problem, to move the human race and technology forward or to have a positive impact on our world and a valuable knock-on effect.

If you’ve got a genuinely good idea that could actually change the way we live positively, give us a call on 0800 772 0800.

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