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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Phew! It's been a week now and I think we've just about recovered from IPExpo here at Breakthrough Funding.

Not that I can speak for the whole team...

It was great to meet so many of you, we had a blast and got to chat to some great innovators as well as some secret Brit Pong masters! We've done a little write up of our event highlights over on LinkedIn. Pop on over to see if you get a mention, or let us know if we missed anything that you thought was remarkable.

Lots of you took part in the 10 Ball Challenge and tried your hardest to win our bottle of champers, but only one of you could be crowned champion and take away our scrummy box of bubbly. So, without any further ado, I would like to announce that our master of the fast ball was...

John Millington of Rhetorik Solutions!

Well done John! Those 15 years B2B direct marketing and research experience have clearly aided your ball slinging skills...somehow...?! Well, however it happened, we're suitably impressed!

We also had a business card draw to win your own Brit Pong set & the lucky recipient of this much coveted prize was Lloyd Devey from AppCheck. Having seen just how competitive those gents were when playing at the after party, I imagine the kit will be well used! Well done, Lloyd, I look forward to seeing you enter a team into next year's UK Beer Pong Championships!

Well, now we've met you, we'd love to keep in touch, plus we know some of you out there are doing great things and leading the way with innovative IT systems and products, which means we can help you get your mitts on the government money you deserve.

So pop us an email, tweet us on Twitter, connect with one of us on LinkedIn or just give us a good, old fashioned call if you're doing something that we can get excited about!

Sue and the Breakthrough Funding team.

PS: Watch the Brit Pong Story!
PPS: CASH FOR INNOVATION!  Know someone we can help?  Refer us in!


You can let go of the champagne now, Lucy.


The AppCheck team looking rightfully pleased with their spoils.


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