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Friday, April 12, 2019

Living in a material world

To keep in step with ever-advancing innovation in materials design, a specialist tool company had to stay at the cutting edge of production techniques.

Due to a variety of pressures, materials innovation is a constant process and associated businesses must innovate in response if they want to remain competitive.

For a specialist abrasive tool company, innovation within their global target market presented them with some very specific challenges.

For example, wind turbine manufacturers are constantly developing new ways to increase generating capacity, including the use of larger blades and high-tech composite materials. To meet their clients’ needs, the tool company wanted to develop a high accuracy and durable system for the high-volume production of connecting bolt mounting holes for rotor assemblies.

The solution had to be simple, safe, fast, commercially viable and able to operate without generating excessive temperatures. After extensive R&D, testing and prototyping, the company developed a final design that has been put into production.

In addition, they had to consider the evolving needs of commercial glass manufacturers. Many construction contractors are looking to reduce costs, improve durability and decrease the use of raw materials, so glass manufacturers are keen to find more efficient, cost-effective and fast ways to finish their products.

The team set out to design an improved system for finishing the edges of glass sheets and profiles, which would also be more durable than those currently on the market. Any new solution would have to operate effectively in the operating environment, with minimal maintenance, while providing a consistent high quality finish and accommodating automatic production techniques.

Once again, after extensive R&D, the company managed to find a solution that has reached the production stage.

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