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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

No Chew Nutrition

Powdered food, glorious powdered food! It might not have quite the same ring, but could be responsible for a step with a new spring.

Nutritional expert and former NHS clinical dietician James Collier has been busy working his socks off to create a nutritionally complete powdered food. So you can now get 100% of all the food groups necessary, plus your recommended daily allowance of all of the important vitamins and minerals by just adding water to some powder. You also get the bonus of pretending you’re an astronaut when you do, (moonwalk optional).

The foodies out there amongst us might be horrified at the prospect of powdered “food” consumed in a shake, but there’s no denying that products like this can have huge benefits.

For starters, it’s entirely plant based meaning it’s kinder to the environment. Packaging is minimal, so there’s less waste. It has a low glycaemic index which makes it easier to digest and less likely to cause sugar spikes. Plus, it also has a long shelf life, so you’re much less likely to throw it away unused.

Despite all of this, it really could be a godsend for people who are unable to consume food in the usual manner or for those of us who have difficulty getting proper nutrition in the traditional way.

When you consider the huge numbers of people globally who are still suffering from either malnutrition or over-consumption, a nutritionally complete powdered food could literally save lives. Then there's sufferers of oesophageal cancer who often have issues with blended food getting stuck in their feeding tubes, to them a product like this could make an astronomical difference (there’s those astronauts again!) We still haven’t even mentioned those sorts who just aren’t motivated by or interested enough in grub to properly feed themselves.

In this modern world, it can sometimes seem that products like this are taking the joy out of simple human pleasures like eating, but really this is exactly the sort of problem solving concept we like to see being realised. Could this space style food be the future of dining? If nothing else, it should save on the washing up.

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