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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Not Just a Pretty Face

Rumours suggest facial recognition will replace fingerprint scanning 

It’s all getting a bit Minority Report, isn’t it? Tech that used to be the stuff of sci-fi novels and Tom Cruise movies is now becoming part of our daily lives – and the rate of integration is extraordinary.

The news that Apple might be ditching its famous Touch ID security measure in favour of 3D face scanning is a case in point. What will be the next fictional concept to emerge into the realm of reality? Star Trek’s famous tricorder is being worked on as we type, although we hear that the Millennium Falcon and the flux capacitor are proving a bit trickier…

For those who would rather keep their cash under the mattress, the thought of accessing their online banking or shopping accounts with just a flash of their pearly whites might not be very reassuring. But for those of us who just want modern life to get better, easier, faster and more secure, this is surely good news.

Unless the criminal fraternity decide to ape another Tom Cruise film, of course and start wearing highly implausible rubber masks to impersonate their targets… Impossible, surely?

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