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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Old Dogs New Tech

Are older people the tech whizz kids of the future?

There is a rather common misconception that older people aren’t particularly savvy when it comes to new technology. The stereotype of parents who get flustered sending an email, use selfie sticks backwards, or accidentally Snapchat their shoes to the butcher can sometimes be amusing, but is it actually true?

It seems not!

A recent Ipsos Mori survey looked at 4,000 US and European workers and their use of tech in the workplace, and found that people over 55 used 4.9 forms of technology per week- more than the average of 4.7. Possibly even more surprisingly, older workers are less likely to find using technology in the workplace stressful, unlike 36 percent of 18 – 34 year olds. It’s not looking good for us stress heads who grew up with this technology, is it?

Coming during a time when Google are being accused of age related bias and not treating older applicants with the proper respect they deserve, are these stereotypes actually harmful?

What about the fact that it’s most likely older people that will be more reliant on using technology as years go on?

A recent report from the Institute of Engineering and Technology found that 73% of people expect new technologies to play an important role in assisting older people in the future, while 65% anticipate future technologies will enable them to maintain independence when travelling. There are even Masters students currently developing technology where the sole aim is to be able to help older people keep their independence at home whilst reassuring family and friends of their wellbeing. So shouldn’t we should be making sure our respected elders are tech clever for their own independence?

Are you an older person who’s a dab hand and is currently developing some great new gadgets or perhaps you’re developing tech aimed at being used by the more mature? Either way, we want to hear from you! Please do give us a call on the good, old fashioned telephone, 0800 772 0800.

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