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Monday, June 3, 2019

On the right track

How a creative company developed a bespoke solution to distribution logistics challenges

Since the transportation industry made a global shift to containerisation after the Second World War, the advance of mechanisation has helped to keep the supply chain moving.

However, as a business grows, supply chain management (SCM) processes become ever more important if the business wants to keep track of its assets at all times.

A company that supplies plastic bins, crates, dollies and pallets to retailers found itself in this position after experiencing rapid growth and becoming a leader in its sector. Along with pallet design innovation, the company realised that if it wanted to scale up and fulfil its potential, sophisticated asset management and SCM software would be required.

When it became apparent that none of the turnkey SCMS solutions was up to scratch, the company took on the job of designing a bespoke system to meet their needs. This would be challenging – they had to devise an asset management platform that could track consignments from picking right through to delivery, with a high level of tracking and reporting.

As well as working with automated technology, the solution would also need to integrate with existing software infrastructure, be usable by clients as well as in-house, improve efficiency and, importantly, be scalable for future growth.

Their developed solution had to be accessible to clients without risking data leaks, while able to handle huge volumes of data and present it in meaningful ways.

Not only were the team successful in building a software platform that could be used both in-house and by clients, they’re also able to track the return of key assets such as pallets and bins, so they can keep the supply chain running smoothly.

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