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Monday, June 4, 2018

Out of this world

Will we really be living and working on the Moon within 100 years?

They say that success can go to your head, but Amazon founder Jeff Bezos really seemed to be living on another planet when he shared his views on the future of space travel. Speaking to a space conference this week, the tech billionaire shared some bizarrely confident predictions on the role the Moon will play in our industrial development.

The entrepreneur told spectators that most of the Earth’s heavy industry operations will be moved out to the Moon, or even other planets or asteroids, within “decades, maybe 100 years”, because he believes it will be easier for this work to be carried out in space. Jeff said he could see Earth becoming purely a residential zone, suitable only for day to day life and “light industry”, while the Moon will play host to a new colony of humans.

Jeff has a vested interest in this plan, it should be said – his company Blue Origin aims to reduce the cost of sending people into space, by working towards launching ships that can launch passenger rockets. He’s hoping to team up with Nasa and the European Space Agency to help establish a colony on the Moon. 

Only time will tell whether Jeff’s stellar dreams will come true so soon, but the theory that human beings will eventually have to abandon a ravaged Earth is not a new one. In the meantime, lots of creative people are working on innovations to make life on Earth more sustainable – from revamping the food industry to stopping pollution in its tracks.

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