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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Resolving to change

Fortunately, the world’s innovators never lack the motivation to make things happen

If you’ve made it this far without yet breaking your New Year’s resolution, well done – you’re already doing better than a lot of people who vowed to change at midnight on December 31.

When it comes to just how useless we actually are at sticking to our resolutions, estimates vary. But studies suggest that anything between 92% and 40% of people will fail to last out beyond a few weeks, let alone the full year.

 So it’s lucky for us that the bright sparks of this world don’t tend to give up on their big ideas, many of which make our lives somewhat better, easier or more fun when they finally hit the shelves.

Getting fit, losing weight and/or eating more healthily are perennial resolution favourites and consequently the diet and exercise industry braces itself for a bonanza every January. But this particular gold rush is no longer restricted to gym memberships and diet programmes – tech is increasingly shaping up to help us, well, shape up. 

Wearable tech is booming as exercisers of all kinds demand better monitoring and entertainment options while they feel the burn. Fitbit famously revolutionised the fitness tracker market by turning the gadgets into desirable fashion items, rather than bulky devices that only look at home around a PE teacher’s neck.

This idea is being taken further with products such as the Motiv Ring, an unobtrusive piece of jewellery that offers an even more subtle alternative for monitoring fitness, heart rate and sleep activity. This brings us to beds – keen to get in on the healthy living trend, there are even smart mattresses that will automatically adjust your sleeping position to make sure you get a good night’s rest, which experts say can affect weight loss.

With all this techie help, shifting the pounds should be a doddle, right? Now, where did I put those leftover mince pies…

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