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Monday, October 5, 2015


The march of the robots . . . how computerisation could soon leave you unemployed.

Working away to pay your mortgage or next year’s holiday, but where do you see yourself in ten or twenty years’ time? Unemployed, might be a distinct possibility, depending on your job role.

New research by Oxford University and Deloitte suggests that within the next two decades around 35% of all UK jobs will be carried out by robots. Science fiction is becoming a reality.

Factors such as social perceptiveness, finger dexterity, negotiation and originality have all been considered to determine just how likely 366 job roles will become automated in the near future.

If you work in the care industry as a nurse, social worker or psychologist, you’re less likely to be replaced by a robot. These roles demand empathy and emotional intelligence and robots haven't mastered that yet. Similarly, management roles that involve a lot of negotiation and social intelligence are less likely to be automated.

However, those in monotonous occupations such as production line workers are more likely to be receiving their P45. And the process has already begun. According to The South China Morning Post, the Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology Company are set to replace a whopping 90% of their 1,800 strong human workforce with robots.

On top of that, the remaining 200 members of staff will be given new roles, but only as robot supervisors. It’s also bad news for telephone salespeople. The report estimates that as we approach 2035, their jobs are 99% likely to be carried out by a robot too.

If you’re worrying about your own job security then you can check your automation risk at the following BBC link – fascinating reading!

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