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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Say Bore Off To Bore Out

How to combat a professional zombie outbreak!

Bore out appears to be the equivalent of a burnout just without any of the stimulation, and recently we heard the news that a Frenchman is suing his former employer for which he claims drove him to become a “professional zombie”.

I’ve had my own fair share of boring jobs, but I was thankfully in a position to recognise it early enough to quit and move on with my life. Like the temp job where after 5 days of not being given a single task to do, I still wasn’t allowed to use the fax machine without some form of button pushing training and was taking frequent naps in the surprisingly plush loos. Funnily enough I didn’t go back the following week. If I had had to though, I can see how a job so dull can kill a person’s spirit and lead to stress, depression or a quest for enjoyment through risky behaviour outside of work.

Surprisingly Frederic Desnard was in a rather highly paid position at his previous employment, earning 80,000 euros a year, which I think is fairly solid evidence that money obviously doesn’t lead to contentment.

He’s not the only person to have ever been a victim of bore out, some people claim to feel ill just at the prospect of going to work, due to it being so under stimulating. In these cases quite a few people end up putting themselves in danger by pursuing more exciting avenues outside of work which often involves excessive alcohol, poor diet, drugs or other dangerous activities. Boredom expert Dr Sandi Mann says it can even reduce life expectancy. That's a bit of a worry!

So, how do you battle the bore out? Firstly, do not just put up with it and carry on as usual- that road clearly leads to the danger zone (cue Kenny Loggins)! My advice? Use it. Sometimes boredom can be an excellent stimulant. People are often driven to being extra creative when they’re left alone to twiddle their thumbs. Try and find meaning in something else and use your yawn time to solve a problem that’s been bothering you. Perhaps you’ll even find a solution to boredom in the workplace?

So, if your job is dull, start investing in yourself, do something you enjoy, give yourself a problem you have to be creative to solve. You never know, you might end up being the next greatest innovator, in which case, you should give us a call on 0800 772 0800.

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