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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Brexit/Bremain- just silly PR campaign names that don’t really matter?

It appears that the UK’s digital startups don’t think so and are leaning rather strongly in one direction, with an overwhelming majority wanting to stay put, firmly inserted in the EU.

Coadec (The Coalition for a Digital Economy), surveyed startup founders, employees, and investors about whether they think the UK should remain in the EU or not, and their questions were answered by 175 people.

Of the respondents, 81% said that the UK should remain in the EU, while 19% said it should leave.

Concerns about leaving the comforting embrace of a united Europe mostly revolved around no longer having:

  • Access to a large single market, with harmonised regulations
  • Free movement of labour, giving access to a talented workforce
  • A "seat at the table"
  • Stability and security


Guy Levin, executive director of Coadec, said in a statement: "The UK's digital startups are clear that they want us to stay in the EU, in order to have access to a single market of 500 million consumers, a talented labour market, and a seat at the table setting the rules.

"They don't think the EU is perfect, but have clearly said that the UK is better off remaining inside the European Union, than out on our own. The UK is the best place in Europe to launch and grow a digital startup, we should not put that at risk."

This isn’t the only survey of its kind showing a tendency to want to stay together. Lobbying group Tech London Advocates found that 87% wanted to remain in the EU, while techUK found that 71% of members wanted to remain in a reformed EU.

Would leaving the EU really be bad for British business? It seems to be that there are more arguments for staying put than packing our bags and upping and leaving, with counter arguments surveyed only really noting sovereignty and red tape.

It looks like our startups will be staging a sit-in. Where do you stand?

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