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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Teching it Lying Down

Mattresses are quite the tech innovation business these days. Not only are we talking about their materials in a more tech minded way, but recent marketing seems to be aiming for a more tech savvy audience.

Something that used to be a rather boring household necessity has evolved into a much desired, must-have product. So what exactly has happened to our trusty bedtime friend?

As R&D experts, we’ve noticed quite the increase in modern mattresses and their research and development credentials. Some companies feel that they have invested so much in their design that there aren't even offering an alternative. Just one, perfectly crafted place to lay down of a night time in either double or king size. To be fair, that’s probably a hard enough choice for most people. As someone currently in the market I know I keep flitting between the pros and cons over a bigger bed vs a smaller one. How about two smaller ones each? That’s probably going too far. Or is it..?

Marketing has been pretty clever. The updated and modern ‘order it off the internet and have it delivered to your door super speedy quick’ service might not seem ideal for something that you’re going to spend 10 years laying on without having even looked at it in the flesh, but you are given the freedom to try out your new product for a fairly lengthy period of time before deciding whether you’ll keep your new foam and springs or not. Let’s be honest, we all know that most people probably wouldn’t bother returning a mattress once it’s unrolled and covered in sheets.

The desire to own this one impeccable example of a dreamland vessel is huge and creates a luxury, premium product feel, but prices are still very competitive compared to a trip to your local bed superstore.

It’s not even that these are actually tech laden “smart” mattresses that do anything flashy like modify temperature or support, they’re just supposedly very well made, standard sleeping kit, with cutting edge stuffing or spring layout.

We know better than most that tech comes in many guises and creating a mattress definitely counts, but the decision to market a mattress in a similar way to this year’s gadget must haves is some genius out of the box thinking. It’s bringing mattresses to an entirely new market, (there's something I never thought I'd write). Young people who rent and value their freedom now realise that they can actually have a choice in where they lay their head and don’t have to settle for the warped, dirty Ikea model that’s been through countless tenants before them. You might even say they've started to care about such mundane middle aged issues like decent sleeping arrangements. Madness.

This has been a great move for modern mattress companies and shows the world that there’s actually real thought, care and expertise that goes into making something most of us very rarely even consider.

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