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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Virtual Reality Insanity

“So what’s this virtual reality thing all about then? I haven’t heard of it.” said no one currently in existence.

Absolutely everyone and their mum is talking about VR (as the cool, pressed for time kids call it.)

We’ve already got virtual reality gaming & rollercoasters and it won’t be too long until there are flailing arms everywhere whilst people do their VR shopping. Work and skills training will become blundering about in an empty room whilst wearing a chunky headset and watching films could soon turn into a completely immersive, interactive experience. There’s even virtual dining experiences- the most fun you can have with imaginary food since Hook was released in 1991. Perhaps we’ll soon all be going on holiday without ever getting off the sofa? It’s definitely possible, especially given that we’re already paying people to make us feel like we’re about to plummet off a skyscraper to our deaths when in actual fact we’re standing on a wooden board, flat on the floor and safely contained within 4 walls.

It is excited pandemonium out there at the moment with greedy hands trying to grab a piece of the pie and no concept has gone too far…yet.

Virtual Reality is set to be the next big thing with an incredible view to longevity. 

We’re right on the cusp of its explosion, but there are still so many areas it could have an impact on and there’s an insurmountable amount of development and exploration still to do. It’s a whole new market ripe for the rummaging.

Whilst everyone is high on illusion based escapism and venture, we’re looking for those developers who are grabbing this opportunity with both hands and showing us a new version of reality we can really get our pixelated teeth into.

Whether it’s games, shopping apps, invisible meals or something completely different we want to hear from those of you making waves in this substantial pool of virtual opportunity, so call one of our team to talk about your developments in twisting reality on 0800 772 0800.

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