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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When Food Tech Goes Bad...

(It’s OK, that means it’s working.)

Expiry dates! Eurgh! They’re so dated (fnar!) And impractical. And clearly lacking in common sense. They just don’t work.

We get it, producers need to cover their backsides and let people know that some things do actually expire and may now be bad for you. Sometime really bad, but realistically it’s not like at midnight on the eve of the date stamped on your pork loins, that final fleck of bacteria hops on and shouts “come on, guys! Our time is now!” and suddenly your potential roast dinner is immediately spoilt by rampaging germs out to terrorise your insides.

So, how do we know when things have really gone off? Design By Sol thinks she has the answer, and I’m inclined to agree. 

Sol has developed a label that decays at the same rate of the food it is stuck to. It responds and reacts to the environment the food is in at the time that it is there, so it couldn’t be a more accurate gauge of what your meat is going through. When your label has expired it goes from smooth to bumpy, and with one stroke of a finger you know that the meat inside is no longer safe to eat.

Also, not restricted by printed dates, it’s a product based on touch, meaning visually impaired users can easily check the state of their food without putting themselves at risk of a bit of food poisoning. Double problem solving- nice!

We think it’s a genius solution to an out of date problem. Literally. 

So, if like Sol, you think you’ve got a better way of doing things we know aren’t working, get in touch and show us your solution. We’re always free to chat on 0800 772 0800.

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