Do I Qualify For A Government Innovation Grant? | Breakthrough Funding

Do I qualify?

You don’t want to be like Charles Babbage, the “father of the computer”. He did all that amazing development work on the first ever computer, only to run out of money in the final straight and see his invention gather dust in a back room and never see the light of day. Perhaps even worse than that, you could see your innovation go to market without the right budget to really make a splash. It doesn't have to be like this, 21,865 companies got an average £61,514 in cash through the SME Scheme for innovation work in 2016. MONEY THEY WERE DUE FROM THIS GOVERNMENT SCHEME. Why weren't you one of them?

Take the Babbage Test (it takes less than a minute) and see if you're eligible to get government cash for innovation

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I’ve always looked for new ways of doing things. I’m an ideas person and a problem solver.

I have a limited company and it's based in the UK.

I’ve been trading for at least one full financial year.

I employ more than 500 people.

I own a dog called Fenton or possibly Arthur.

My turnover is more than £85 million a year.

I’m working on something new and different and I’m pretty sure my competitors would steal it if they could.