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The infographic

HMRC's R&D stats for 2017

The Breakthrough Funding infographic showing the latest stats from HMRC on R&D tax relief - who got what, where and how much!

Breakthrough Group

What we do in a nutshell

The Breakthrough Group is a social enterprise. We like to describe ourselves as a social impact business, putting ‘profit for purpose’ at the centre of our thinking. In 2016 we put 48% of our profits back into social impact activities and in 2017 it was 53%. Our brochure explains everything in a bit more detail or you can go through to our group website here

R&D tax relief

The definitive guide

The download of our own book (available on Amazon) which explains how the scheme works and what you need to do to claim R&D money for your company. Content includes the definition of R&D, categories of qualifying expenditure, calculations for payable tax credits, HMRC statistics and notes on grant funding.

Download the guide
The definition for FoodTech in the UK

FoodTech UK

FoodTech has never had an agreed definition until now. Our founder, Sue Nelson, has written this book to give a fascinating insight into the world of FoodTech and how a highly motivated, passionate band of innovators are changing the world one bite at a time, and many of them are our R&D tax relief clients! You can buy the book on Amazon or download here. 

Download here

The new boy

With R&D tax credits, you can claim back cash for the cost of software developers and IT contractors. 


The factory

If you own a manufacturing company you could be eligible for an R&D payment. Really?


Bubbly mix

On average R&D tax relief is worth around £50,000. Crack open the bubbly.

breakthrough group infographic

The Breakthrough Group infographic

Ever wondered how the different elements of the Breakthrough Group fit together, or what we do with our profits to fund social impact activity. Download this clever little infographic which says it all on one page. You're welcome. 

Download infographic