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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

купить виллу что, теперь

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of a website in a dozen languages

The problem

You sell property in a lovely hot country and you have literally thousands of estate agents, property developers and individuals who want to showcase their gorgeous villas and apartments. But the buyers are from Sweden, China, Finland, Russia, France, the UK and half a dozen other countries. How do you use consistent terms for each property in all these languages i.e. toilet, ensuite, restroom, bathroom, shower room? And not have to correct words manually? How do you ensure the data provided can fit into the website in a standardised format?


The solution
The development team wrote computer code using thousands of rules in a defined format. It allows the property portal to take a description in a number of languages (and alphabets) and automatically updates it to the standardised term. In addition, it takes the information in a range of formats, cleans the data and uploads it, so every property fits nicely into the vendor’s beautifully designed webpage.

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