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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Aggregator aggravation down at the Panda Express

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of ordering sweet and sour prawn balls from your armchair

The problem

Hungry House, Just Eat and Room Service are among those online aggregators who are tapping into the £30 billion a year we’re spending on takeaways. Oh Yes, we love Chinese, Indian, pizza, fried chicken, fish and chips to takeaway, but love using our mobile phones to get them delivered even more. But the restaurants are grumbling that the aggregators are taking too much of a percentage as a transaction fee. It also means they’re not building a direct relationship with their customers.

The solution

The clever guys at this new company have found a way to get around aggregator aggravation. Their groundbreaking technology allows restaurants to acquire their own Apple Store or Google Play takeaway-ordering app, with the minimum amount of fuss and maximum effect on their profits. Genius.

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