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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Berry nice indeed

FARMING - The story of making a much better berry

The problem

The summer is the season of the berry. You’ll be kicked out of Wimbledon if you aren’t sucking on a Strawberry and its basically sacrilege to have a midsummer night’s drink that isn’t a Raspberry Daiquiri.  The process of growing soft breed fruits, however, is not a simple one. There’s always a demand on growers for an enhanced product that looks good, tastes great, lasts longer and can fight off the insects.


The solution

The guys at this particular company ripped up the rulebook and started working on a whole new innovative and enhanced process chart. They’ve been able to upscale their testing sites while improving methods of identifying success at an early stage of growth. All in all, they’ve been able to create a much better berry that is worthy of commercial success. Relax, summer is allowed to continue.

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