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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Doggo Delights

PET TECH - The story of ensuring that your dog's eyes aren't bigger than their bellies

The Problem

While we all know already that cats are the most superior pet in the world…dogs aren’t too bad either. However, as any dog owner would testify, dogs aren’t always the most patient of customers when it comes to food. They eat a lot and they eat fast. Unfortunately, these traits can cause them to be quite unwell. Heard of canine bloat? It’s not very nice. Dog biscuits and other treats are a big cause of the problem.


The solution  

While some slow-feeding solutions have been found the slow the consumption of dry items…we met one company who have filled a gap in the market for doggos that just love a bit of dog-friendly ice cream. Yep, it’s a thing. It had to be a solution that was functional, durable and scalable. The result? A product that dog owners across the land can trust and, for the dogs themselves, a product that can allow them to indulge of their favourite new and trendy snack.

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