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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fashioning networks for creatives

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of creating complex matching algorithms

The problem

Individuals in the ‘creative’ sectors such as music or fashion, generally shun away from networking sites like LinkedIn because of their overly ‘corporate’ image, the lack of information security and the ‘clunky’ performance of operation.

The current word-of-mouth networks in the creative sector are narrow by their nature and do not encourage or allow wider, more diverse interactions. This drawback means new and possibly more skilled and suitable people do not give project input.

There is a real need for a system which would enable a creative community to work together in real time on multi-disciplinary projects.


The solution

The development team has created complex matching algorithms between opportunity requirements and skill sets. They were among the first to integrate Vagrant and Laravel technology within the UK and use this software for the project development.

In essence they have created an online platform for cross pollination of projects and interaction of individuals. It allows talented people to connect, post and find creative opportunities for them to work on.

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