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Thursday, November 9, 2017

From the horse's mouth

ENGINEERING - The story of ensuring non-ruminant herbivores (horses) get the best grub

The problem

Fibre is indispensable to a horse’s digestive balance. In order to stay healthy, a horse must have a minimum of 1kg dry hay per 100kg of its body weight in long stem fibre, and it should make up a minimum of 50% of their total feed. The fibre length is very important; the longer the better to assure good gut motility, and the hay must be cut at the right age (the maximum nutritional value occurs when the hay is cut in late bud or early bloom), and be free of mould, dust and weeds. In racing circles, feeding the right diet to expensive racehorses is a critical element to race success. However, there is no fast and safe machine process that combines the highest quality and most nutritious hay available from the best sources, while maintaining the integrity of the fibre length. 

The solution 

This company has developed the first fast and safe machine process that meets all the above requirements. The system allows for packing in an end-user friendly manner and is suitable for international transportation and storage.

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