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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Georgian pipe palava

ENGINEERING - The story of the Industrial Internet of Things

The problem

Despite being developed in the 1700s, large parts of the world are dependent on hydraulic ram pumps to supply their water. Maintaining and running these old systems costs money and uses a lot of energy and resources, whilst also causing environmental damage. Traditionally, new water management systems are created separately from each other, meaning that they don’t always end up integrating and playing well with other components. A new, low cost, environmentally friendly monitoring and diagnostic system was needed to sort all this water and waste water out.

The solution

After many prototypes, versions and user testing those clever engineers had done it again. The team designed a working platform that is now available for users across the globe. By using systems they’ve created specifically for this task, they can now monitor and control water systems in fine detail and readily make sure that all parts work together and separately and are able to communicate their status clearly. All this is possible due to the standardised use of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and software they’ve developed. Who’d have thought!

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