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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Getting blood out of a stone

MANUFACTURING - The story of ensuring an old product can be modified to new demands 

The problem

Life was easy in the stone ages (probably). Find food, kill food, eat food, sleep. Repeat. Civilisation has moved on these days though. With there being more supermarkets than you could shake a stick at; we worry about things like phone batteries lasting more than two hours, the ratios of a flat white coffee or…the way your kitchen looks. They say that all the cool kids stand in the kitchens at parties, and hosts are looking for more and more ways to improve the aesthetic of their abode. Most worktops and practical spaces and made out of material like stone, but they are classically difficult to mould to the new and exciting designs which customers demand.


The solution

One company that we met are keen to bring their expert cavemen skills into modern day life. Through trial, error, blood and sweat – they found a new process of joining and bonding stone and other materials which were capable of delivering ever varying customer designs – while still keeping the structural integrity of classic designs.






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