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Friday, May 26, 2017

Getting into hot water

ENGINEERING - The story of extending the life of water heating systems

The problem

At present the most common type of central heating system in your home, heats water that is circulated through pipes and into radiators. The efficiency of the heating system is affected by the condition of the circulating water especially by the dissolved air (aeration) of the water.Air within the system can accelerate rusting and corrosion, and create air locks andundesirable noises. This lack of efficiency and system degradation causes energy wastage and greatly reduces life expectancy of the heating system especially at a time whenfuel poverty is becoming an increasing issue.

The solution 

This company have developed a small, easily installed product that is cost effective and can safely perform de-aeration within water heating systems. It has been shown to produce significant cost savings and has extended the life of heating systems.

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