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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Handling the heat of the kitchen

FOOD - The story of ensuring that chefs can supply the booming demand

The problem

The restaurant industry in this country is booming; who cooks anymore? This doesn’t sound like a problem, but managing the supply and demand is tough for the chefs cooking the meals. Space is at a premium in these units and optimising the productivity is the name of the game – especially on those busy Friday nights.


The solution

With the sector growing and our palates evolving to enjoy all different styles of food, all of which cooked on different settings, one company has developed a solution whereby the answer isn’t to just cook stuff quicker and hope for the best. Nope…what they have done is create a range of cooking systems which allow for a number of different high-tech hobs to be used simultaneously. Control is going back into the chefs’ hands.


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