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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello.

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT - The story of speeding up the elimination of not-spots.

The problem

Mobile ‘not-spots' are areas where people cannot access mobile services. There are five distinct types of problems - complete not-spots (no coverage at all), 3G not-spots (no mobile broadband coverage), partial not-spots (operator-specific), interrupted coverage on the move and indoor coverage. Distinguishing between the type of coverage problem is important, because commercial solutions to each will vary. To alleviate this problem the government is implementing a programme to install mobile phone masts in not-spot areas, but consulting local communities and getting planning permission is slowing the project down to a snail’s pace. 

The solution

Each mast installation requires detailed surveys before the process of building them begins. Current sector methods of surveying and reporting findings in order to carry out site acquisition, planning applications and the design and build, just can’t meet the ambitions, timeframe and cost pressures of removing not-spots. So this go ahead company have designed and developed a groundbreaking site survey and reporting system to significantly speed up the process. Ah! That’s better I can hear you now.  

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