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Friday, June 23, 2017

Helping deputies support their families

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of helping court appointed deputies account for their decisions.

The problem

Among other things the Court of Protection is responsible for appointing deputies to make ongoing decisions for people who “lack mental capacity”. They may have had a serious brain injury, or have dementia or severe learning disabilities, and they just can’t make their own decisions regarding property, financial affairs and/or their personal welfare (such as medical treatment). Each year the deputy must complete a report for the Office of the Public Guardian on a complex form, explaining the decisions that have been made and why they were in the best interests of the person. They also have to detail their benefit payments, interest on bank accounts, pension income, housing costs, living expenses etc. It’s a nightmare.

The solution

This company is a specialist in supporting and working with the legal sector. They’ve developed the first truly efficient system for filling in the forms for court appointed deputies, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, standalone databases and paper files.

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