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Friday, July 14, 2017

Helping small charities get their fair share

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of payroll giving and creating a level playing field for smaller charities.

The problem

Payroll giving tends to be put in place by the larger employers who can manage the administration it involves. They’re not allowed to deduct money from the employees who want to make a donation and give it straight to the charity, (they have to go through an official agency), and they must provide a wide selection of charities to choose from. But how does a small charity compete with the likes of NSPCC, Oxfam or Macmillan and how can they manage the complexities of payroll giving administration?

The solution

This company has been working with a range of charities for decades. They’ve developed many solutions to champion the smaller charities that most of us haven’t heard of, but nonetheless carry out hugely important work. Their new software system is the first of its kind in the sector and allows charities to automatically reconcile the tens of thousands of transactions a year involved in payroll giving. At last, every charity has a chance to get involved.

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