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Thursday, January 17, 2019

It's coming home

SOFTWARE - The story of bringing the beautiful game closer to the fans 

The problem

At the point of writing this innovation story, England waits excitedly (and nervously) for their World Cup last-16 tie against Colombia. As it stands, football is definitely coming home…of course, if you catch this a little late, we’ll have (probably) experienced the tears and jeers of another heartbreaking exit. Basically, football is great and it’s easy to see why it stirs the emotions so vigorously. However, it seems like there is a discord between fanatic fans and the clubs/countries when it comes to the expected levels of engagement between the stakeholders.


The solution

One techy company have delved into the mind-boggling world of web coding, app development and algorithms to create a new platform where fans can enjoy a bespoke and far greater depth of engagement with their favourite team; be it interactive team selections, player ratings or the monitoring of summer transfer rumours. There’s something for everyone – the respective teams are also finding out key data from their demographic. 


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