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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Keeping the scoreboard ticking over

SOFTWARE - The story of making sure one man and his dog keep abreast of their team's scores 

The problem  

Social Media; isn’t it just great. From finding out what your mates are eating for dinner, to learning how to copy your favourite Z-lister’s make-up routine – the uses of the platforms seem absolutely endless. Of course, for big business it can be a fantastic marketing tool and thousands of pounds is spent on employees who can create content and set-up adverts. It’s just as important for small business, but it’s not quite so easy to produce an interesting page full of great content.

The solution

Take sports teams for example (be it cricket, football, rugby or anything); top clubs have a marketing army and provide instant updates to thousands and millions of followers. The smaller clubs, despite having a smaller fanbase, still need to update their pages but getting the time to do it is tough. Volunteers of such clubs who do this work tend to be the same ones performing on the pitch, so you see where the problem is. We met an amazing company who have produced a marvellous bit of software which can track the scoreboard at any given venue and then post live updates to social media as and when there is a change. Howzat for a great bit of kit.

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