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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lightening the load

ENGINEERING - The story of reducing LGV fuel consumption

The problem

The vast majority of freight across the UK is delivered by a lorry using the road network. There are over 150,000 LGVs (Large Goods Vehicles) weighing over 31 tonnes registered in the UK, and the greater their weight the more fuel they use.


The solution

This highly respected engineering company wanted to see if they could improve the aerodynamic efficiency and durability of LGVs.

The design team set themselves the challenge of reducing the weight compared to the existing side protection systems in use. They felt this element (included on most LGVs) would allow weight reduction and could be connected and integrated successfully into existing vehicle design and build. While the final product needed to be lighter with increased durability, the solution would need to be simple to mount and fit within the existing chassis structure with the necessary maintenance access and load-bearing mounting points as standard.

After many prototypes, versions and user testing, a commercially viable system has been produced and sold into the industry. 

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