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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Lower calorie crunching

FOOD - The story of getting that guilt-free crunch 

The Problem

It might be a millennial thing, this worldwide health-drive…a movement bought on by the pressures and jealously of those picture-perfect Instagram models getting all the likes. Of course, the previous the previous sentence is a massive generalisation, granted. However, it’s hard to escape the growing aisles of health-friendly products in the major supermarkets. The problem? Snacks…snacks are still the downfall of many a dieter. Crisps means extra crunches, even the healthier vegetable or fruit crisps are usually fried in something naughty.


The solution

We love a bit of food innovation here, and we met a fantastic company who are taking freeze-drying fruit and vegetables to the next level. It’s an expensive method, and one that’s difficult to replicate on an industrial level. However, it’s a method that also keeps the natural goodness of the fruit & veg without the need for additives or preservatives. After a lot of jiggery-pokery, they found a system that worked. The results are…pretty damn sweet.

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