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Friday, December 22, 2017

No animals have been harmed

MANUFACTURING - The story of an amazing woman committed to veganism

The problem

If you’re a committed vegan, believe that Muslim’s have the right to buy alcohol-free goods and want to create beauty products that will be made in the UK, where do you start? If you don’t use anything to do with animals or genetically modified ingredients, or you want to make them Halal-certified, SLS-free and free of artificial colours - it’s all very laudable but it makes manufacture incredibly difficult. The end products have to be as good as their synthetic or animal-based counterpart and yet naturally derived ingredients do not easily make a cream or lotion look acceptable, smell nice and have the right texture.

The solution

This incredible woman supported by a great development team, sourced, developed and manufactured
a unique pioneering gel formula, used as a base for a substantial number of products in their range. They conducted stability and microbiological testing over a 3-month period and got the thumbs up for all those onerous EU regulations. 

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